UNDP unveils its latest findings, revealing a stark reality of multidimensional vulnerability plaguing significant portions of Northern and Eastern region of Sri Lanka

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has unveiled its latest findings, revealing a stark reality of multidimensional vulnerability plaguing significant portions of the Northern and Eastern region of Sri Lanka. As a solution, Indian investments in the entire Sri Lanka in general and the region in particular are being seen as a way to help ameliorate the living conditions by creating job opportunities.

The Multidimensional Vulnerability Index (MVI) indicates that a substantial percentage of individuals residing in these areas are struggling below the poverty line and facing various vulnerabilities. Disturbingly, certain districts within these regions stand out as among the worst affected across the entire island nation.

The recent developments in collaboration between Sri Lanka and India offer a potential pathway towards ameliorating these challenges. There is optimism that collaborative efforts between Sri Lanka and India could pave the way for tangible improvements in the lives of those most affected by poverty and vulnerability.
Last year, Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremasinghe engaged in discussions with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, culminating in the formulation of a joint vision document that charts the course for bilateral relations in the time to come. Central to this vision is the mutual commitment to develop Trincomalee on the eastern coast into a national and regional hub for industry, energy, and economic activities.

The ambitious development plans for the eastern part of the island hold promise for generating employment opportunities and enhancing living standards for residents. In addition, India has already executed several projects across the island that have been instrumental in improving living conditions of the people. Earlier this month, a contract was signed for the implementation of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems in Delft, Nainativu and Analaitivu islands off Jaffna. In addition, projects at Mannar and Pooneryn will further help the northern region in manifold ways.

The UNDP’s data highlights the severity of the situation, especially in the Northern and Eastern Provinces, and the development plans for Trincomalee and other projects both spearheaded by India, offer hope for communities facing various challenges in these areas.

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