Union Council of Ministers brainstorm on vision document for Viksit Bharat 2047 and detailed action plan for next 5 years

Last Updated: Mar 03, 2024

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday (3rd March 2024) chaired a meeting of the Union Council of Ministers in New Delhi and brainstormed on vision document for Viksit Bharat 2047 and detailed action plan for next five years. Sources said a hundred-day agenda for immediate steps was also worked upon for quick implementation after formation of the new Government in May this year.

The roadmap for Viksit Bharat is a result of more than two years of intensive preparation. It involved a whole of Government approach involving all Ministries and wide-ranging consultations with State Governments, academia, industry bodies, civil society, scientific organizations and mobilization of youth for seeking their ideas, suggestions and inputs. Over 2700 meetings, workshops and seminars were held at various levels. Suggestions of more than 20 lakh youth were received.

The roadmap has a comprehensive blueprint with clearly articulated national vision, aspirations, goals and action points. Its goals include areas like economic growth, Sustainable Development Goals, ease of living, ease of doing business, infrastructure, and social welfare.

Several Union Ministers attended the meeting, which is likely to be the last such exercise during the second term of this government as the Lok Sabha elections are expected to be held in April-May this year.

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