Union Minister Amit Shah says, violent incidents in Assam declined by 87 percent after formation of NDA government

Last Updated: Dec 30, 2023

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A historic tripartite peace accord has been signed between the Centre, the Assam Government, and the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) in New Delhi. The deal is intended to bring lasting peace to the North East region. The Memorandum of Settlement was signed in the presence of Union Home Minister Amit Shah yesterday. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Shah said, under the guidance of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Home Affairs worked with the vision of a Northeast, free from extremism, violence, and conflict.

Mr. Shah said, that with this accord, ULFA, the oldest insurgent group of Assam agreed to abjure the path of violence. He said, that after the formation of the NDA Government in 2014, violent incidents in Assam have declined by 87 percent, deaths by 90 percent, and kidnappings by 84 percent.

On tripartite accord, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the marks a significant milestone in Assam’s journey towards peace and development. In a social media post, he said, this agreement, paves the way for lasting progress in Assam. He commended the efforts of all involved in this landmark achievement.

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