US expects Israel to limit response against Iran to avoid 'frightening' escalation: sources | Claim- Israel will attack Iran: Can take action without informing America; Netanyahu held war cabinet meeting 5 times

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  • US Expects Israel To Limit Response Against Iran To Avoid ‘frightening’ Escalation: Sources

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People protesting against Israel in Iran. (Photo – AFP)

Since the Iranian attack on Israel, the War Cabinet has met 5 times. According to media reports, the cabinet has decided that retaliatory action will be taken against Iran. However, it is not yet known how and when Israel will retaliate.

CNN has quoted a US official as saying that Israel will strike Iran in revenge. However, its effect will not be much. The official has said that America would like to be informed about whatever action Israel takes.

So that America can prepare for its defense before Iran's counterattack. According to the official, there is no guarantee that Israel will be informed before carrying out the attack. The reason for this is that America can object to Israel's action.

Israeli army spokesman Danier Hagari stands near a fragment of a ballistic missile fired by Iran that fell in Israel.

Israeli army spokesman Danier Hagari stands near a fragment of a ballistic missile fired by Iran that fell in Israel.

Iran will take Russia's help to avoid Israeli attack
A Washington Post report claims that Iran may get help from Russia to avoid Israel's strike. The Post quoted US intelligence as saying that Iranian delegates recently visited a weapons factory in Russia.

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken to Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi. He has appealed to both the parties to take the matter further.

German Foreign Minister leaves for Israel
After Iran's attack, Germany's Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has left for Israel. She will try to resolve the dispute between the two countries. Baerbock said that during this critical time, we must all work together to reduce tensions in the entire region. He said on Iran that it is adding fuel to the fire.

America will announce new sanctions on Iran

After the attack on Israel, America may announce new sanctions against Iran. According to the Times of Israel, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will announce new restrictions after the IMF conference in Washington. She can also appeal to other countries to implement these restrictions.

America has had strict sanctions on Iran since 2012.

America has had strict sanctions on Iran since 2012.

Israel may launch cyber attack on Iran or attack oil infrastructure

According to the report of Channel 12, Israel's War Cabinet discussed all those options in which Iran could be attacked and hurt but it would not encourage conflict. These included cyber attacks and attacks on Iran's oil infrastructure.

Israel's war cabinet discussing counterattack on Iran

Israel's war cabinet discussing counterattack on Iran

British airline suspends flights to Israel till October 2024
Britain's budget airline has suspended flights to Israel until October 2024. Refunds are being sent to those who had booked flights.

Iran claims- warning was given 72 hours before the attack
Iran has claimed that it had given notice to Israel and America 72 hours before the attack late on Saturday night. Turkey's Foreign Ministry has also said that before the attack they had talked to America and Israel on this matter.

However, America has rejected these claims. American officials said that Iran had not given them any information this time. Iran's goal was to create destruction.

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