Why Iran Attacks Israel: Why did Iran attack Israel… Is the reason a quarrel or a fight of ego? -Why Iran Attacks Israel

Iran attacked Israel with drones and all types of missiles. Everyone feels that this is revenge for the Israeli attack on the embassy in Syria's capital, Damascus. Whereas, it is not so. This fight was only about the fact that if you hit me, I will also hit you. You showed strength, so I will also show strength.

published in BBC News According to Israel never said that it attacked the embassy of Damascus. It is just assumed. This was the first time that Iran directly attacked Israel. Before this, both the countries were waging a shadow war for a long time. Used to attack but did not accept him.

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According to Sputnik media, Iran carried out this attack so that it could tell Israel that it has America's most amazing and complex X-band radar. So that you can know when we fired a missile towards you. The whole world stands with you. Saving you. But you could not stop our missiles. Our missiles hit your important base. This is what will happen in future if you attack us again.

Iran wanted to show its strength

UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter said that several hypersonic missiles hit the Ramon military airbase in Israel's Negev desert. Iran attacked so that it could make Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu feel embarrassed all over the world. Can demonstrate the strength of Tehran.

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Why Iran Attacks Israel?

There was deception behind drones and missiles

Ritter said that the missiles and drones that Israel shot down were designed in such a way that they could be shot down. Iran has clearly shown that it wanted Israel to destroy its weapons and feel good.

The missile that was supposed to hit did so

In the end what Iran wanted happened. Iran's hypersonic missiles hit the base. Which Israel's air defense system could not stop. Iran has told that if it wants, it can show Israel and the whole world how much power it has. He can do whatever he wants. No one will be able to stop him.

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Why Iran Attacks Israel?

Israel-Iran were once friends, today enemies

Israel and Iran were friendly countries until the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979. But after this the Iranian government opposed Israel. Iran believed that a country like Israel should not exist. Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has previously called Israel a cancerous tumor. He also said that this country should be completely destroyed. Should be completely destroyed.

Israel believes that Iran has many destructive weapons. He funds the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Provides weapons, drones and missiles. Apart from this, the Lebanese Shia terrorist group provides support, money and weapons to Hezbollah. Iran has nuclear weapons. But Iran does not believe this.

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Why Iran Attacks Israel?

Iran wanted to attack immediately after the attack on Damascus

Wanted to attack Israel immediately after the attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria's capital Damascus. Senior Iranian military commanders were killed in the embassy. Iran accused Israel of carrying out this attack. Israel never admitted that it had carried out this attack.

13 people were killed in the embassy. In which Iranian Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi was also included. Zahedi was a very recognized name in the Hezbollah terrorist group. After this, Israel was held responsible for every air strike on Iran. After this, preparations for this attack were started.

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Why Iran Attacks Israel?

Do Iran and Israel have nuclear weapons?

It is said that Iran has its own nuclear weapons. But Iran never made any disclosure regarding this. Therefore it is believed that it does not have nuclear weapons. But it can become a nuclear weapons country at any time with the help of nuclear power plants.

Last year, the Global Nuclear Watchdog found uranium particles with 87 percent purity in Iran. This was uranium suitable for making weapons. Earlier in 2015 itself, Iran had announced that it had uranium of 60 percent purity. After this, some sanctions were imposed on Iran in 2018.

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