Youth of Madhya Pradesh will get unemployment allowance of Rs 1500 every month

You would know that India is at number-1 in the world in terms of population, due to which most of the population is poor, the biggest reason for this is unemployment. As we all know, there is a lack of employment in our country due to which most of the educated youths are sitting unemployed and they do not have any source of income. Because of this, they have to face a lot of difficulties in their life. Considering this issue, the government has launched the MP Berojgari Bhatta Yojana to provide financial help to the unemployed youth of the state, under which unemployed youth will be given Rs.1500 per month. Will be given

MP Berojgari Bhatta 2023

In today’s competitive life, getting a government job has become one of the biggest challenges because most of the population is moving towards education and working hard for the job, but the seats for the job are negligible, so 90% of the young candidates are unemployed. come under the category of In such a situation, the government encourages the youth to reduce their frustration with this unemployment allowance amount and to maintain their confidence.


There are some conditions-rules for applying under this scheme which are as follows:-

To apply under this scheme, the candidate must be a native of Madhya Pradesh, age must be minimum 21 and maximum 35 years, must have passed class 12th, must be unemployed and his family annual income must not exceed ₹3 lakh Needed

Will get 1500 rupees every month

Through this scheme, the state government provides financial assistance of Rs.1500/month to the unemployed educated youth. Let us tell you that the benefit of this unemployment allowance will be given for 3 years.

This is how to apply for the scheme

To get the benefit of MP Berojgari Bhatta you have to apply online or offline. For offline application, you will have to go to the employment office with the necessary documents and apply from there. Apart from this, for online application, you will have to fill the application form by visiting the official website of MP Employment and upload the necessary documents and complete the registration process.

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