'Forget about officers, even an employee does not listen to him', Tejashwi Yadav's biggest attack on Nitish Kumar

A video of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has quickly gained attention on social media. In the footage, Nitish Kumar can be seen asking an engineer, 'Tell me, should I touch your feet?' As he moves forward, the engineer steps back and politely refuses. Nitish Kumar was attending the inauguration of a 3.4 kilometer long bridge from Gai Ghat to Kangna Ghat on JP Ganga Path in Bihar's capital Patna. Nitish Kumar was expressing displeasure over the delay in the construction of bridges.

Now Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav has launched a big attack on Nitish Kumar for folding his hands and touching his feet. He wrote in the post that there would be hardly any Chief Minister in the whole world who is so helpless, weak, invalid, incapable, helpless, powerless and compelled that he talks about folding his hands and touching feet in front of BDO, SDO, Thanedaar to senior officers and even the personal employee of the contractor. He said that the main reason for increasing crime, unbridled corruption, migration and administrative anarchy in Bihar is that not even a single employee (leave alone the officer) listens to the Chief Minister. Why does he not listen and why does he not follow the orders, this is a matter to think about? Although the employees and officers are not much at fault in this.

The RJD leader said that due to a weak and helpless Chief Minister, “whatever a “few” serving and “retired” officers have decided will happen in Bihar” because the officers also know that he is the Chief Minister of the third largest party with 43 seats. He said in a sarcastic tone that when the credibility of governance is lost and the ruler does not have self-confidence, then he has to put aside principles, conscience and thoughts and bow down to everyone from top to bottom. However, we are not worried about the chair but about the present and future of Bihar and 14 crore Biharis.

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