Israel Iran War, This is the calm before the storm… Is war going to break out between Israel and Iran? Iranian President threatened – iran israel tension quiet before the storm is escalating tehran tel aviv violence on the way

Tel Aviv: Iran fired hundreds of missiles and rockets at Israel on the night of Saturday-Sunday. This is the first time that Iran directly targeted Israeli soil. Two days have passed since this attack but Israel has not taken any retaliatory action. Even though Israel has not retaliated, experts believe that it will not remain silent. In the coming time, Israel can give a big blow to Iran. At the same time, the President of Iran has said in a threatening tone that any action against the country will definitely be given a strong response. In such a situation, the peace made between Israel and Iran at this time is being called peace before the storm.
Jerusalem Post has said in its report that along with Iran, its supported Hezbollah and Houthi were also active in the attack on Israel on 13-14 April. After these attacks, there was peace in the area for two days. Israel is taking limited action in Gaza and this front also seems calm to some extent. The IDF has only one division left in Gaza. Hezbollah has also reduced its pace of launching rockets at Israel from Lebanese soil.

Not only missile attack in return for missile, Israel can destroy Iran in these 5 ways, plan ready

Entering a new era of struggle

Talking about Gaza, Hamas has rejected the new ceasefire agreement and Hezbollah is also not ready to withdraw from the border. Even in Syria, Iran's hold does not seem to be weakening. Due to this, it is believed that Iran may increase the barricade. It is difficult to change the behavior of Hamas, Hezbollah or other Iranian proxy organizations through pressure. These points mean that the conflict that began on October 7 in the region has entered a new phase.

Israel preparing to attack Iran, will this be the complete planning of IDF attack?

The attacks of 13-14 April by Iran were, in a way, the beginning of a new phase of conflict. Timing of attack is very important. The attack symbolically came just after the six-month anniversary of October 7. In such a situation, the question is whether this is the calm before the next storm or can the tension reduce after this development. When things are too quiet it should also be seen as a high alert of a potentially major conflict.

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