UNSC refers Palestinian application to become full UN member to committee

The United Nations Security Council president has referred the Palestinian Authority’s application to become a full member of the world body to the committee on the admission of new member.


Malta’s U.N. Ambassador Vanessa Frazier proposed to the committee that met yesterday to consider the application, adding that deliberation has to take place this month. Malta is president of the Security Council for April.

According to the Palestinian UN envoy, this is only the second time that Palestine has been able to get this far in their bid for full UN membership. The last time was in 2011 when it essentially failed in the Security Council standing committee due to a threat by the US to veto it if it ever came to a vote.

For any country to become a full member of the UN, the international body’s charter says the country’s membership first has to be approved by the Security Council and then it would need to get the support of two-thirds of the 190 members of the UN General Assembly.

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