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Tehran: In early April, there was an attack on the Iranian Consulate in Syria, in which people associated with the Iranian Army were also killed. After this attack, Iran talked about revenge and after about two weeks it rained missiles on Israel. Israel is also talking about revenge from Iran. At the same time, Iran is also threatening that if Israel takes any step, it will give a tougher response than before. Amidst the increasing tension between the two countries, it is being claimed that Iran can use such a weapon against Israel, which has never been used before.
According to The Sun report, defense expert Colonel Hamish DeBreton Gordon says that Iran is probably threatening a nuclear, chemical or biological attack. He was asked how likely it was that Tehran would act on those threats. To this Gordon said, 'When the Iranians say that they have a new weapon that no one has seen before, people immediately think that it is a nuclear bomb. We know they are trying to enrich uranium. We think their number is around 80 at the moment and you need more than 90 to make a nuclear weapon. I think that at present the Iranians do not have any nuclear weapons.

Dirty bomb can also be used

Garden says that instead of using nuclear weapons directly, Iran could use missiles that are capable of carrying nuclear warheads equipped with dirty bombs. An explosive that scatters radioactive material. The expert said that however, in the last few days it has been proved that this will not be easy for Iran. This is also difficult because nuclear material is relatively easy to detect.

Iran has uranium for 12 nuclear weapons, can make bomb in 6 months, expert warns third world war will bring great devastation

Colonel DeBreton Gordon said that Iran can definitely think about chemical weapons. He said, 'We have not seen the Iranians using chemical weapons for a long time since the Iraq War from 1984 to 1988, but we are currently seeing the Russians using chemical weapons in the form of CS gas in Ukraine. This simply means that it is likely that Iran will do the same.

Israel preparing to attack Iran, will this be the complete planning of IDF attack?

DeBreton Gordon argued that Iran is extremely concerned about Israel's reaction to its drone and missile barrage and is seeking a way out by threatening to escalate tensions. He said, 'It seems that the Iranians are very much on the backfoot. Considering this, he is saying that now let's draw a line. I clearly do not see that the Iranians have any viable chemical, biological or nuclear weapons to attack Israel.

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