Israel Iran War News: Israel plotting strategic but painful revenge strike inside Iran report

Tel Aviv: Iran fired hundreds of missiles and rockets at Israel on Saturday night and early Sunday morning. When Iran targeted the target with a direct attack, Israel also said that it would respond. Even though Israel has not taken any aggressive steps yet, it may do something big in the future. Israel plans a strategic but painful attack on Iranian soil. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's war cabinet is waiting for the right time for this, because at present clouds of war are looming over the entire region.
According to the report of The Sun, after the air attack on Israel by Iran, both the countries are threatening each other. Despite international calls for calm, Netanyahu's supporters have repeatedly insisted that a counter-attack is the only solution. An intelligence source revealed that Israel's war cabinet has now agreed that their revenge should be strategic but painful. A senior US official told CNN that the Israeli attack was expected to be limited but would take place within Iran's borders.

Israeli army looking for opportunity

Kan News reports that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are preparing themselves to take advantage of the opportunity in Iran. Several reports have also speculated whether Israeli forces would directly attack Iranian soil. Such a move will increase the tension between the two. Many people believe that Israel will target the Iranian embassy or proxy group instead of a direct attack.

Israel wants to drag America into war… This fear is haunting Biden after the Iranian attack, rebuked Netanyahu

Ali Ansari, an Iranian research professor and member of the think tank RUSI, told The Sun: 'I think the Israelis will attack Iranian soil directly. If they're going to do something, they're not going to go for a proxy. They have to respond in a way that their own people and the government there see as an appropriate response.

'America will not fight war against Iran' Biden bluntly tells Netanyahu

Amidst all this, IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said that to respond to Iran, we will respond in our own time and manner, which we will choose. Israeli President Isaac Herzog also called Iran's attack a 'declaration of war' and said the time has come for the world to confront this empire of evil in Tehran. Iran warned that if Israel decided to retaliate it would use a weapon that had never been used before.

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